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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 81's home page.  We are glad you're visiting us.  Please feel free to check out the site by clicking on links and browsing the pictures you see.  Also feel free to send us email using the link at the bottom of this page. 


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My apologies to those of you who frequent this site and have noticed it has not been updated.  I have

gotten a promotion at my current job and required to work a lot more therefore not leaving much time

to update this site.  I also have had some other personal problems and reasons for not being able to 

keep this site updated.  I will try to continue to update it with the information I can get, but I need help

in getting information, pictures, etc. to post here and would appreciate anyone's help in getting me things

to post here.  Thank you.


I would like to offer the job of maintaining this site to anyone who would be interested.  As my son is no 

longer in Cub Scouts, I have found it harder for me to attend Cub Scout functions for pictures and 

information for the website.  If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me and I can give you 

all the files I have, the program I use to edit the site (Microsoft Frontpage) and other information needed

to access the web space for uploading.  You could also simply start over with your own design and ideas 

for this website for Pack 81 as I did when I started it.  

The biggest question you may have about maintaining this site is probably:

Q.)  Do you have to know HTML or is it hard to do?

A.)  No, you don't have to know HTML at all and it's not hard to do, only takes some time.


Thank you.  ~~webmaster~~



*For safety and security purposes, scouts names will not be used on the website at the present time.*

Hopefully this website will help answer some questions you might have about events taking place.  If you don't find your answer here, feel free to email 

the pack using the link at the bottom of this page or email Richard Phillips (click on his name) or call him at 826-8759.  If there is no answer, please 

leave a message.  Click on the Questions and Answers link below and see if you can find your answer there.  

Questions & Answers (this section is mostly for new scouts or anyone who has not yet joined)

Important leader note:  Any leaders who have not been trained need to complete Youth Protection Training as well as Fast Start Training.  Click on the link here for Lincoln Trails Council to get this done.  I went to the site myself to help people locate the items needed.  Once you click on the link, put your cursor on the RESOURCES tab and move down to either one of the topics you want then click on them.  You will need to create a username and password if you have NOT visited these areas before.  If you need any help, click on the webmaster link at the bottom of this page and send me an email and I will help you get to these areas.   Thanks.

Lincoln Trails Council (This link for Leaders who need to complete the above mentioned training programs).

Here is a link for some upcoming events.  

Calendar of Events (Check here for dates, times, cancellations, etc. for all events).

View the monthly newsletter here. (Currently the newsletter has been suspended.)

If anyone would like to volunteer to take over the newsletter please contact Richard Phillips.  Currently, the newsletter has been suspended and is no longer being produced.  Any volunteers could have their own design and ideas for the newsletter and publish it however often you like.  Older versions are still available if anyone is interested in looking at some to see what has been done in the past.  Thank you.

Here are some links to some events that the cub scouts have participated in.  Everyone had an excellent time and the scouts are all looking forward to this fun and excitement next year.  If you notice that some of these links are from a year ago or more, that's because our new web space provider allows more storage space so we can show these older events for a little longer before deleting them.  Feel free to click on any of them and enjoy looking.  

Pine Wood Derby 2004          Pine Wood Derby 2005          Pine Wood Derby 2006          Pine Wood Derby 2007 

Pine Wood Derby 2008          Pine Wood Derby 2009          Lock-in 2006                         Food Drive 2006                    

Rocket Day 2004                    Rocket Day 2005                   Rocket Day 2006                   Rocket Day 2007

Rocket Day 2008                    Rocket Day 2009                  Santa's Visit 2004                   Santa's Visit 2006                                                                  

Blue and Gold 2005                 Blue and Gold 2007               Blue and Gold 2008                Blue and Gold 2009

Pie Throwing 2005                   Pie Throwing 2007                 Swim 2007

Bowling 2007                          

Watch this section for links to things that each den has done.  Ask Richard Phillips about details for this to have things from your den posted here.  

Pack 81 Den Prints 

Here is a link for Cub Scout belt loops and pins.

Virtual Cub Scout Academics and Sports Guide

These links below are for the council that we belong to and a link for our city of Marshall.

Lincoln Trails Council

Welcome to Marshall

Here is a link for Baloo's Bugle, a helpful Cub Scout guide.

Baloo's Bugle

Here is a link for Boy Scouts.

Boy Scouts of America

Email Pack 81 here at this link if you'd like with any comments, suggestions or questions.

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